VitamixMy name is Kathleen and I am addicted to my Vitamix. I have absolutely no affiliation with Vitamix. I am recommending this out of sheer love!

I resisted buying this expensive machine for as long as I could. I even lied to myself, saying that other blenders at half the price were just as good. I killed a Kitchen Aide and a Ninja! I know people talk about the Blend-Tech, and I have never used one so I can’t compare. The reviews I have read say that the Vitamix is the best blender you can get. The warranty is a beast – 7 years!

I can put an entire ginger root in it and turn it to paste. There is nothing I have thrown at this thing that it can’t handle. I use my blender daily for smoothies, soups, sauces, fruit rollups, nut milks, sherbets. I’ve even made amazing Nutella-like spreads. (Sit tight for that recipe.) And you know it’s powerful by the noise it makes. It screams louder than my kid can!

I am aware that this machine is a car payment, but there are ways to get discounts. My husband stumbled on a “demo day” at Costco, where the machine and accessories were priced considerably less than usual. You can call Vitamix and they will tell you when they are coming to a Costco near you. There are other stores that do “demo” days, but Costco has the best price I’ve seen.

Vitamix has a refurbished section on their website. This is the Canadian link for these machines. If you live in the US there are more variety, but this one is the one I have and love and it comes with the kickass warranty.

Did you know that over 10% of household appliances are returned? Not because they don’t work, but because people change their minds. The companies then sell them as “refurbished”. Of course the ones that are broken are fixed and sold here too, but not all the machines were broken. This is how I bought my vacuum, my freezer and my dryer. Refurbished is great!

So to summarize, I love my blender! It is such a crucial piece of equipment in my kitchen. I could not do the things I do with a lesser machine. There is nothing worse then drinking your smoothie and your gag reflex kicks in when it encounters a chunk of swiss chard or beet!  I will never use a hand blender again for a pureed soup, the textures are miles apart.

Seriously, Vitamix lovers are like a cult of healthy food lovers who make it themselves!

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