Meet Kathleen Groves

Turning thirty I realized I’m probably healthier than I have been in my life.   Not the case for many people!  
Kathleen Groves, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Kathleen Groves, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Yes I was stressed finishing the last leg of my Holistic Nutrition Program – but I was in control.  I had already changed my life nutritionally and was only getting better.  I was excited about everything I was learning – wished I had time to learn more but knew I would be learning more about this my whole life!   I knew this is where I was going.

I’m so very fortunate to have a beautiful little girl, a wonderful husband and a supportive family.  

How I got here

My parents both had their careers when I was growing up although we usually had dinners together. I was the oldest of three kids and we were well looked after.  There was always lots of food in the house!  Mom often worked late so there were many “pull something out of the freezer” nights.

The freezer in the basement

The freezer was a huge chest model – one that you could hide several bodies in – thank goodness we never got to see what was in the bottom.   And it was full of frozen pizzas, chicken fingers, prepared wings, bags of raviolis, and other processed foods..   After school kids came over and we’d always find something to eat if we poked around in the freezer!  Other kids couldn’t believe how much good stuff was in there!  There were big discussions on the advantages of pizza pops versus pizza pockets!

And baby makes three!

So what changed?  Getting pregnant!  That always changes things right?  Now I was eating for two!   And it was time to look at what I was eating.  And it alarmed me!  I was living on fake food!  (And drinking and smoking..)   Time to clean up the act!

The Journey

That sent me on the road to learning what I was eating.   And there was so much to learn!  I wanted to know everything! It was kind of like an obsession.  If I was serious about learning I needed to go back to school.

School – The best of times – the worst of times.. 

Loving what I was learning, so much exciting information, amazing people sharing their knowledge and experiences.  Possibly a new career?  So much to learn!

School – such hard work!  So much to learn and so much more out there to explore.  Homework, papers to turn in, dozens of books to read, weekly tests and an exam at the end of every unit!  How could we be done that section already?  I was just getting into it!

And then there was the rest of my life with a year-old baby in daycare, which was so hard; a husband who worked long hours and a house to maintain.  Was I crazy?  What was I thinking going back to school?  I gave up a well paying position to go to school, work my butt off and make no money?  I was happy though!

And I didn’t give up – although I had to be “talked off the ledge” a couple of times.  And I’m thankful that I stuck with it.

I graduated with a 90% average and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

In case you weren’t busy..

While I was in school my daughter was diagnosed with a serious allergy.  She was anaphylactic to peanuts.  Like Epi pen at all times allergic.  It rocked me.  I was terrified.  I read every label, looked up every ingredient in everything she ate! THAT is a lot of work (did I mention I was in school full time?)

As a RHN – the next chapter

I want to share what I’ve learned.

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