Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops can be arranged based on your nutritional requirements for individuals or groups.  I’m happy to discuss the best learning method to meet your needs.


Ready for class!

Suggested Workshops

  • What is Holistic Nutrition
  • How to Become Gluten-free or Dairy-free
  • How to Live Organically
  • Infant and Child Nutrition
  • Weight Management


  • Dairy-Free
    • How to evaluate and make alternatives such as almond or seed milk, nut cheese
  • Grain-Free
    • How to make everyday staples without grains
  • Stocking your freezer
    • Where to get fresh, local, seasonal produce and meats
    • How for optimal nutrition
  • Canning & Pickling
    • Pickles, tomatoes, jams, peppers, fruits
  • Dehydrating Foods
    • Spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, meats, wraps,  and more
  • Bone Broths and Soups
    • Methods of preservation
  • Fermenting
    • Kimchi, Kombuchi, Yoghurt

Many more classes under development – something you would like?
Let me know!