Making Changes

How to start your journey to uncomplicated food.

Here’s  some simple steps you can take to improve your family’s health.

Drink quality water

Kathleen Groves, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Kathleen Groves, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

  • Consider purchasing a water filter system for you drinking water.
  • Tap water is tested when treated chemically by your municipality.
  • It’s not tested at your tap after travelling through miles of lead pipes
  • Nor is it tested for residual pharmaceuticals
  • Bottled water contains leached BPA from the plastic which can be linked to many types of cancer

Drink more water

  • Your entire digestive process depends on water to absorb the nutrition of the food eaten.
  • From start to finish – saliva to urine – you need it!

Read the label

  • Can you pronounce the ingredients – or do you need a science degree?
  • Unnecessary chemicals listed on the label are used as artificial flavours, stabilizers, colour enhancers, thickners, and for other dubious purposes.
  • Chemicals slow down the digestive process, making your body work harder and possibly damaging organs.
    • Dehydrated fruits include several extra chemicals

Expiry dates

  • Alive food doesn’t have a date stamped on it.
  • Expiry dates = chemicals = reduced nutritional value (dead food)
  • These chemicals can negatively impact the good bacteria in your digestive tract, weakening your body’s defenses
    • Think fresh baked bread – will last 3-4 days while store-bought bread will last 7-10 days because of the chemicals
    • Think cold cut meats – compared to freshly cooked meat. Why all the extra chemicals?

Eat Vegetables – all colours

  • Great source of fibre, minerals and water
  • Seasonal will have the best nutrition
  • Local vegetables have higher nutritional content because they are fresher and harvested at their peak, rather than those that are harvested early and traveled on a truck for a week.
  • Try to shop at a farmer’s market for more varieties you don’t see in your grocery store.

Learn more – here’s some of my favourite books and websites

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