Making Flour

You can make your own flour!

Almond, other nuts, coconut, buckwheat, oat, spelt, rye, barley, rice, amaranth and wheat (if you’re into wheat) ….. CAN ALL BE MADE INTO FLOUR WITH A BLENDER


If you have a kick-ass blender, you really, REALLY should be making your own flours.  Some blenders even have attachments to grind flours. These attachments are essentially upside down blades. Traditional blenders push whatever you are blending down towards the blades. These grain attachments do the opposite.  They push up, and the bigger pieces fall to the blades. Once you have the kick-ass blender, the grain attachment is another smart investment. You can also grind spices, or coffee, which eliminates the need for another appliance.

When flour is made it starts to oxidize and the natural oils start go rancid.  Rancid oil is full of free radicals.  Free radicals are free to roam throughout your body and create serious problems. This is why anti-oxidants are so important to get in your diet. Anti-oxidants help neutralize some of these free radicals.  Don’t even get me started on what lurks in bleached flours.

Back to making flours – you want to eat the most nutritious foods, so grinding right before use, is as good as you can get.  Plus it’s way more flavourful!  Old stale flours have very little taste.  If you do grind in big batches, you want to keep all flours in the fridge, because keeping stuff cold prevents decomposition.

So how do we make flour? flour1-185

  1. Take ingredient.
  2. Put in Blender.
  3. GO!

That’s it.  You are the master of the flour!

  • You can choose how fine or coarse you want it by blending it longer or shorter.
  • No addition of synthetic vitamins to “fortify” the finished product.
  • No wondering how long this flour has been sitting in the warehouse oxidizing before you use it.
  • No worries that flour is made in a grinding mill with the same machine as something else, causing cross contamination.

It’s just superior nutrition, and the peace of mind of knowing that you made it yourself and you know exactly what’s in it.

Oh, and the real kicker… IT’S CHEAPER!

Fresher, cheaper, more nutritious and easy.  Try it!


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