Drink clean waterAnyone who is trying to be healthier knows they should drink more water. Did you know that what kind of water, or even when you drink water matters?

The best time to drink water is first thing in the morning. This will allow your digestive system to be gently started after your night’s sleep. As well it will provide you with more digestive enzymes to help you better absorb your nutrients from food.

Did you know that the majority of your digestive enzymes are made of water? If you’re dehydrated your digestive system will be compromised. Drink as much as you can handle, experts say aim for at least 16 oz. (475 ml) to start your day.  If you want to be fancy and show your liver some love, add some fresh lemon (not the little chemical filled squeezey lemon). If you can’t be bothered to squeeze lemons every morning, and you have a juicer, you can juice batches of lemons and freeze them in cubes.  But don’t throw out the peels, you can make kitchen cleaner! (We’ll talk about that another day..)

Drinking with your meals
Don’t do it. Wait, what? Yes, really… Drinking with your meal is no good for your digestive process. And yes, I did just say that our digestive enzymes are made of water. Think of your belly like a camp fire. Food is fuel, and water is, well, water. When the fuel is burning – aka food digesting, it’s hot and effective. Signals are sent to the liver and the pancreas for digestive enzymes based on what you’re eating. If your splashing water (or whatever else your drinking) all over the fire, it won’t burn optimally. This can cause bloating, and malabsorption, and putrefaction your gut. Drink your water away from meals. 20 minutes before a meal, or an hour after a meal. This will help keep your fire burning!

Bottled Water
Bottled water can say whatever it wants on the label. I won’t drink it. Any soft plastic vessel leaches chemicals into whatever is in the bottle, BPA free or not! No water company puts that on the label.

The bottled water is shipped from far away where water regulations might not be as strict or regulated. Not to mention the environmental impact of manufacturing bottles, shipping to get filled, and shipping to the store. We think because we recycle that were helping the environment, but that comes at an emissions cost as well. In some cases, bottled water is actually tap water, put into a bottle, sealed and then sold to you for a huge fee. Buy a glass or stainless steel bottle and fill it up yourself.

Tap Water
Hang on folks, this one is gonna sting. No municipal water people I have spoken to test for pharmaceuticals in tap water – and that’s because they don’t have to. In addition concerns about “acceptable levels” of heavy metals, pesticides and other non-stick coatings are found in treated tap water every day.  And these are all allowed in “safe water”.  That’s what you get in your tap.

Where I live our drinking water comes from the Great Lakes.  It’s pumped out of the lake, treated chemically, finished with fluoride (in a one-size fits all dose) and pumped to your home.  Once returned to the sewer systems, it is chemically treated again and returned to the lake to repeat the cycle.

One of those chemicals used for removing human waste from our water supply is chlorine. Remember when your parents told you not to drink the pool water, because it was bad for you? Guess what, you probably do it every day.

In tap water there are heavy metals, synthetic hormones, anti-seizure medications, blood thinners, non-stick coating from cookware, and super harmful pesticides, just to name a few. Doesn’t that sound healthy! No wonder people are sicker than ever, they are full of other peoples’ prescriptions!

So in a perfect world, we would all run out back to our perfect untouched natural spring for our drinking water. If you have access to such a source, that would be a fantastic choice for water. If you don’t, you have choices.

Either you HAVE a water filter – or you ARE the water filter
There are hard and soft carbon filters, there are UV filters, alkaline water systems, reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis that will alkalinize your water.  Or you can get distilled water in glass bottles, you can even get spring water delivered to your door in glass containers, water softeners, and the list goes on.

They are not all created equally! Some systems just remove chlorine, and that’s it.  Before I had my filter, I boiled tap water thinking that would kill everything. It doesn’t, it actually just concentrates some chemicals. It did kill a pot of mine, when I forgot it on the element though.

In my home I have a reverse osmosis system, but just for the kitchen tap, not the whole house, although there are models that will do that. Of all the systems mentioned, it removes the most chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  It also removes the minerals naturally found in water, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for my family. It’s expensive up front and you need new filters regularly.  I don’t have the shower head filters, because they are not compatible with my showers. You can even get attachments for your ice maker and fridge.

I love my water system. It’s probably my favourite thing in my house.  I use the Vectapure 360 system by Waterite.  This is what works for me and my family. With the water in my area, this was the best choice for us when we did the research a couple of years ago.  And we’re still happy with it.   The price was mid-range for this type of product.   (I have no affiliation with this company – really!)

Learn more about the Vectapure system by Waterite

So the moral of the story here folks, is drink clean water. Drink it first thing in the morning, drink it away from meals, and please don’t drink it out of plastic bottles!

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