My First Class

Happy New Year folks.  I took a little break from the blog for Christmas, and some other stuff that life throws at you.  But I’m BACK!  Jumping in with both feet!

I wanted to thank everyone who came and supported me in my first ever cooking class! I was equal parts excited, and shit your pantsing.  (I don’t think that’s a word, but you know what I mean.)  I don’t know if the picture portrays how I felt.  My heart was beating a million miles a minute! All I could think about was “if this isn’t a test for all natural deodorant….”.  Shout out to Penny Lane deodorant.   It’s amazing! (I have absolutely no affiliation with them.  But it’s local, natural and really works!)

But about the class!

I taught Fermenting at Goodness Me in Burlington this week to a group of mostly strangers, minus my mom, and a few friends – and loved it.  Sold out class in the middle of a Monday!  I can’t remember a time where I felt so smart.  Twenty-four people asking me questions and I knew the answers!  What a feeling.  Perhaps I have found my calling.  I love teaching people how to make it themselves from scratch and with no chemicals.  I know you can’t buy food that tastes this good!

I’ve had jobs that I loved in the past, but nothing compares to this love.  I love food, and making it healthy and healing, and it turns out I love teaching other people how to do it too!  I love answering questions about food! Why should I avoid this food? Where can I get the best of this food? How can I make this?

Afterwards I was so jacked up and excited!  My husband probably heard the entire class over again verbatim.  Then I slept 10 hours and didn’t move once.  The next morning, I was still coming down from life’s natural high.  Now I am looking to get back to work and find my next personal success.  Stay tuned for more cooking classes in the coming months.   And recipes!

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